Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

In September 2014 new legislation around provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities came into effect (SEND '14).

The new legistlation is designed to enable parents, carers, children, young people and practitioners/professionals to see clearly which service(s) and support across education, health and social care, are available locally for all children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND),  from birth to 25 years, and how and when they can be accessed.

Local authorities have been asked to provide information about the local offer.  (Link to SEND Surrey's Local Offer home page  https://www.surreysendlo.co.uk/kb5/surrey/localoffer/home.page) and as part of this, schools have been asked to provide information about what they offer not only pupils with SEND, but all pupils. This is to be known as the school offer.

If you click on the links on the panel to the left, you will find detailed information about the provision for pupils at Bletchingley Village Primary School. 

Wave 1 refers to all pupils within school.

Wave 2 refers to pupils who have been identified as having some additional needs.

Wave 3 refers to pupils who have been identified as needing specific support according to their SEND needs.

At BVPS, we recognise that at some time in their education children may need additional support in a particular area of their learning, understanding or in developing social skills. Whatever the need, we will ensure that through early identification, intervention and parental involvement, children’s additional needs are identified and met.

The provision that we offer for all children at BVPS is stated clearly in our whole school provision map and our local/school offer.

Pupils with Speech, Language and Communication Needs:

BVPS has a 17 place SLCN centre, which is a Surrey resource serving children from a wide area. It is one of eight such Centres across Surrey. These pupils receive specialist teaching and intensive speech and language therapy. The aim is to help these children to become effective communicators and fully participating members of our school. Some children remain with us throughout their primary school, whilst others return to their local mainstream school when they are ready. All children who attend the Centres are fully included within their mainstream classes and attend small group or individual sessions with their Specialist Teacher and Speech and Language Therapist via an individually-planned programme.

Mainstream pupils with SEND: 

As part of the reforms and changes, the term "school action, school action plus and statement" have been removed.  We now identify children at three levels:  those who need some additional help to catch up with their peers but have no identified special needs (intervention); those who have some special needs and need some individualised support (SEN support) and those who have complex and/or severe special educational needs, which may require special education and/or more resources than the school can normally provide  (Education, Health and Care Plan.) 

We are here to help!

If you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of SEND, please do not hesitate to ask your child's class teacher, Mrs Kerr (AHT, Inclusion) or Mrs Gregori (Acting Headteacher).