Our Nursery: Badger Class

Set in beatiful and extensive grounds, our Nursery provides a perfect introduction to school life.  We aim to provide a welcoming environment which is inclusive, caring and stimulating, and where our children develop good self-esteem and resilience.

Our Nursery is staffed by a qualified and experienced teacher, Mrs Bridget Smithson, supported by early years practitioners, who work closely with parents and carers to encourage the development of every child. The safeguarding of our children is our first priority and our staff are committed to ensuring that children feel safe, happy and cared for. 

We continually monitor the progress of each individual child across all aspects of their development and plan appropriately to ensure that they build strong foundations for their future learning.

We encourage all our children to achieve their very best whilst recognising and celebrating our diversity by following the values we share throughout our school.  These are:  Respect; Caring; Honesty; Teamwork; Tolerance; and Self-Discipline.

Our children learn and develop through imaginative and creative play, interwoven with short, structured adult-let sessions based on Development Matters, the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. Their learning is enriched by a range of trips and visits including the seaside and the Polka Theatre.  Badger Class is fully integrated into the life of the whole school and attend and participate in a range of events such as the Nativity and special assemblies.

Badger Class is open daily from 9 until 12.  We encourage children to attend every day because the learning is planned across the whole week, but a phased induction can be arranged if this meets the child's needs better.  The term is the same as for the main school, although children may start a day or two later in September.  We have 26 places, including 5 assessment places for children with speech, language and communication needs.  The staffing ratio is a minimum of 1:13 and is usually closer to 1:8. 

The Nursery provides the 15 hours funded universal offer.  In addition, children may attend our Breakfast Club from 7.30 a.m. and our own Nursery Lunch Club, giving 27.5 hours of care and education per week for parents who want it. We would like to offer 30 hours' provision in the near future and are currently investigating  a range of options . Our Nursery aims to provide rising-four-year-olds with a full academic year of early years education.  These children take priority for admission. If there are additional places left (which there usually are) we also take three-year-olds, who may have up to two full years in the Nursery.  Two-year-olds who attract FEET (free early education for two-year-olds) may also be admitted.

Uniform: Badger Class is part of Bletchingley Village Primary School, and children wear school uniform.  This is a white polo top, navy joggers, leggings or shorts, a school v-necked sweatshirt and plain dark trainers (preferably velcro fastened.)  Uniform with the school logo can be purchased from the school office; alternatively, you can buy plain items from local shops or supermarkets.

Applying for a place:  You can apply for a place at any time.  Children's names are held on our waiting list, but places have to be allocated according to the admissions criteria.  Please see our Nursery Admissions Policy for further details.  Places in Reception must be applied for in the normal way, as a place at Nursery does not guarantee admission into the main school.

A Typical Day in Badger Class

Just before 9 a.m.:  Drop off in the Nursery garden.  Children self-register and choose their first activity.  Staff are available at the door for a quick chat and are happy to take children from around 8.50.

9.15  Children gather on the carpet for a number session - counting; working with Numicon; and singing number songs and rhymes.

9.30  - 11.45  Children go off to their activities.  They can choose to play inside or outside, and have a range of activities set out for them each day.

9.30 - 10.30 Children take part in adult-led activities such as learning to write their names, cooking or taking part in art and craft activities.

10.30   Snack time at the tables.  Children enjoy sitting together and choosing a healthy snack and a drink of milk or water.

11.00  Story time on the carpet.  Other activities might include celebrating a birthday; or whole-class topic-related learning, such as looking at maps and globes.

11.30  Phonics session.  Children develop their phonological awareness by learning about rhyme, clapping syllables and differentiating between different sounds.  Those who are ready may begin learning their letters and might begin to take a reading book home.

11.45  Children may choose a book to take home.  They gather on the carpet to finish the session and get their belongings ready.

12.00  Some children are collected at the Nursery door.  Others settle down to lunch club.  They eat their packed lunch around the table and then have the opportunity to play indoors or out.

1 pm.  Lunch club children are collected.